I have worked for over a decade as a retreat facilitator and spiritual program writer, both with local and national organizations. I have had the privilege of leading hundreds of retreat experiences and have been speaking publicly since my early teens. I've volunteered and worked extensively as an educator of all ages, a program/workshop planner, a social services supporter, and a creative writer.

My deepest passion is co-making spaces in which people can connect profoundly with themselves, one another, and ways of living purposefully and authentically in the world. I am committed to putting being directed by of people of color, queer folk, migrants and refugees, people with different physical abilities or debilitating chronic illnesses, poor folks, and people of marginalized religions. I (imperfectly but devotedly) strive to make my work inclusive and available to you. I also (imperfectly but devotedly) strive to continually grow and educate my awareness and cultivate compassion to foster a more peaceful and just world by beginning with radicalizing my personal and professional lives.

I am involved with and support several non-profit and justice-centered organizations in Kentucky. I enjoy reading, traveling, and being outside as much as possible. I spend most of my time tending to my two children, ages 3 and 1, and preparing for the arrival of my third child in 2018. I've been with my partner, Robby Olivam, for nearly a decade. I live in Louisville, KY.