New Lens

(an urgent invitation to my fellow white people)

my people: we need to go deep
into darkness under the skin - follow the
white rabbit through caverns of stories our collective
consciousness has constructed, the false
fortresses of aeons protecting our fragile ego -
look to the ghost we now only see through the
white of our eyes, the horror of our made-up history,
kept blank and tidy to buffer ourselves from
bloodshed, the rainbow of our fear we smear
across the Earth crying out its colored hymn -
white space     along the margins, we manage
white pages of a history incomplete, staged news -
this pause is to let the voices we stifled with
white noise ring in the silence.

let's start by raising a
white flag over no land, no place or people,
save our own heart waving in surrender
to a legacy we inherit but choose to transmute -
leave lying the bleached bones of hate on shores of
imperial pursuit, standing from our
white hot privilege seat to take up a new spirit -
rid ourselves of oppressive nebula layers of pain,
clouds of grief - cross fields of disparate matter
to touch mercy’s atonement and reveal the small
white star at the center, glowing dimly against
the Black of eternal spacetime, our honest ancestry - soaring to new cosmic horizons from which we view
our true natures, older than the universe -
our future, prismatic rays of light.