Louisville to Orlando

A rainbow of balloons ascended into the air over myriad-colored crowds. Thousands of people walked together, toward one another, across a sky now clear of the storm.

I followed at the end, a straggler, my baby against my heart, both of us breathing the warm freshness of descending evening. Ronin craned his neck, looking in every direction, as we walked past people holding hands and talking and crying and laughing and singing, people pulsing and gathering and watching and holding, people emblazoned over and over with the word: Love, Love,  Love.

There were so many gathered that it was impossible to hear the remarks made at the center of the bridge. Then, suddenly, a roaring applause rose like a wave through the throngs and assailed me with noisy jubilation. No words were needed.

We stood over the river waters, united as people who approached from all sides to close a parted sea, washing away the threat of evil. Friends and strangers waved and embraced and sang. Lanterns were lit and released. I paused with dear companions to marvel at the sky, its own rainbow flag of Light.

In the twilight, children played and laughed. My baby boy rested his head on my chest. The darkness teemed with the resonance of possibility.