Faucets flowing with rusty brown water - black children carrying clear water encased in transparent plastic - murky politics, artifical responses - citizens roaring like a mighty stream for justice.

Small mosquitoes, a biting virus, mutating fears - babies with shrunken heads and wide eyes and uncertain futures - lack of vision in nearsighted responses - high-pitched insect whines and warning sirens.

Babies washing ashore with blue lips, abreast waves safer than land - small ones throwing stones at soldiers, dancing on dungheaps, feeding the even smaller ones - young ghosts haunting the cells and streets where black bodies lay for hours unattended as secrets seek cover - the eyes of the future looking back at us through lids closed in death, begging.

Why? - How long? - Who? - What am I to do?

Mother and children born and unborn nestling in complimentary forms - lovers surrendering at the edge of separation - pairs of geese sail home overhead - heartbeats aligning, bodies uniting, wings falling and rising.

Circles of friends and children praying and singing - making meaning, telling stories, speaking truth - gazing at the stars and into one another's eyes - seeing the flame at the center.

The sun flaring for aeons unaware of its giving - Earth swirling and solidifying unconsciously - air, soil, water, fire forging Consciousness - the moral arc of the universe bending in humanity's call to look, to challenge, to transform.