Solstice Hymn

Winter comes on darkest day
Amid such times that blacken night.
Seeking hope, we make our way
As pilgrims off to gain new sight.
Violence, famine, war, and greed
Are bitter winds through suff'ring lands;
Frozen ground yields no fresh seed
To fill expectant, weary hands.
Peace's growth in human souls
Seems stifled by perpetual gloom
As embers die in long-burned coals
That cannot warm the icy room.
Distant echoes break the fright
With ancient song and starlight chimes:
"Always, darkness yields to light -
Eternity breathes in these hard times!"
Branches quake, at last reveal
The faithful roots at work below;
Kindled hearts come close to feel
The promise settling soft like snow.
Candles burn as pilgrims hold
Love's vigilant epiphany;
Companions sing the tales of old
That herald justice's symphony.
And as Winter starts its season's stay,
Earth creatures cling to one another.
Dear pilgrims, let your spirits say,
"Turn toward the Light in every other!"