Happy New Day

Do not look forward to the ineffable New Year.
Devote yourself to the mundane, fresh New Day.
There may be no countdown or confetti
but, always, when you pay attention, there is a sunrise
that is a spectacle, even through the clouds.
There is stepping lightly over the wood floor
and breathing, aware of each movement.
There is a heavy globe of grapefruit to slice,
every jewel segment savored for its
bittersweet tang, its red juice running.
There is looking into your love's familiar, green eyes
and seeing the human who steadfastly wakes next to you,
behind any tiredness or distance, a vow
of disciplined love, untapped wells of joy.
There are soft pitter-patters of small feet
and sticky hands that come to lead you
to your next adventure-lesson or struggle-insight
that will make you humble and in awe.
There is something growing inside you, kicking.
There is the daily work: a sink of dishes,
maintenance, trying a new idea, and
tending whoever you meet with reverence.
There is turning to others, inward, and seeking
the path leading to the better world hidden in this one.
There is injustice and devastation to heal, first within.
There is learning to keep searching when
your heart's burdens are ice-cold and heavy.
There are sudden, seismic leaps for Good from
the cosmic consciousness that leave you bewildered.
There are miracles that come after aeons of effort.
There is grieving, celebrating, tearing down, building up.
There is always more work, perhaps not for you.
There are relentless deaths and births.
There are countless occasions to uncork champagne,
reminisce on what the past has brought,
toast to what the future may bring,
and sip life's fizz with good, faithful friends.
There are burning stars and infinite, unanswered questions
to guide and ground your imagination.
There is never a day, or year, or life, that does not end 

with your eyes closing on a planet continuing beyond you.
Evermore, there is night leading to New Day,
darkness rising into light.