First Day

As the many First Day of School pictures fill my newsfeed with joy, I have been moved to tears by the innumerable faces beaming with anticipation and excitement. We begin again with a new year, a fresh start, another chance for teachers and students, parents and children, for our systems of education and those who influence them, to get things RIGHT. What a precious and sacred space in-between what is and will be.
As I gaze upon the face of each child, my heart breaks because, while I know the possibilities are endless and the potential is brimming, I also know we will, once again, not fulfill the promise. I know that these bright children will all, at one point or another, be disappointed or let down. I know that the students will be limited by unfit standards or inadequate resources; they will be weighed down by poverty and violence. I know that teachers with the best intentions will be limited by beaurocracy and politics. I know that loving parents will be strained and harried with too much to do. I know that those who affect schools with power and influence will be distracted from the deep questions around the necessary restructuring of our education systems or will grow apathetic as the barrage of needs desensitizes them.
But behind each child’s face, I see the striving Being of Light longing to flourish in the world. I see artists and scientists, prophets and poets, architects and anthropologists, dreamers and doers, seekers and creators of a world made new. My mentor and friend, whose birthday happens to be today, reminded me yesterday: “Remember: there is always space.” There is space for us to do it right. There is space to begin again. In fact, we need not wait for a new school year – each moment is an opportunity to manifest space for growth and hope, for awareness and intention, for justice and peace. May we hold this space of enthusiasm and wonder in such a way that it permeates today…and rises with us tomorrow as we again say “YES” to the promise of what can be.