Come Home

Come home, weary one.
Set down the instruments of productivity that clutter your crowded arms.
Turn down the loudspeaker of old stories and dissonant half-truths that muddle your mind.
Stop; take a deep, full breath the length of ten short ones. 
Remember that your heart is beating.
Remember that your eyes can see everything like it has come from another planet.
Let your shoulders drop, your brow unfurrow.
Return to that soft, warm place of trusting you belong to the Earth.
You have eternal, enthusiastic permission to be who you are.
Do not be afraid, gentle creature of the night - the stars shine in your eyes.
No need to be timid, brilliant being of the day - your radiance could not be hidden if you tried.
Let the flowers blooming in unlikely places make you laugh in self-recognition.
Let the moon watching you with the face of a Mother make you cry with relief.
Let the silence of the trees carry you back to your green bed, and rest.
Your struggles and delights mirror those of millions who have come before you.
There has never been any one as wonderfully particular as you.
There has never been any thing that couldn't find a connection to a deep part of you.
You are never alone.
You are irreplaceable.
You are a part of All.
Be gentle with your delicate, light heart as you navigate the paths that lead us to one another, for they are meant to be walked slowly and always with a friend.
Be careful with your lovely, inquisitive mind, sweet one, for it works best when it stays open and curious.
Feel the step of each foot as you make your way.
Notice everything - your lesson is each moment.
Do not work too hard, my dear, for you will grow no matter what as long as you continue.
Be well, my love.
Come home, come home.
Earth yearns to nourish you, Her prodigal child, with morning dew and dawn.
She longs to lull you to sleep with dusk song that tells the story of who you are.
Every birth mark and wrinkle, every mistake and fear, every secret and mystery, every surprise and pleasure, every drink of water and breath of air, every blink of your eye and beat of your heart is an intimate knowing of the Universe.
Nothing is ever gone or lost.You are always seen with Eyes of Love.
Let go and be found.

Come home, weary one, and find rest.