What do I know to be true?

My friend called a wisdom gathering of a few dozen women of whom she asked the question,

What do you know to be true?


What do I know to be true?

All is One. In every scale of the Universe, a complex harmony resonates. Each key flows seamlessly to the next. Allowing our vibrations to echo without alteration makes the music more beautiful, the song more complete. Clearing the plane for every melody to ring true and free makes the world more just and peaceful. Listening helps us to learn our next step.

Reality is a network of love-being. When we strip down to our most vulnerable place, we can touch bones of light, our shimmering foundation. Removing masks of pretense, shedding material comfort, relinquishing ambition, forgetting language - these are steps that move us back to the Source. Bounds of Self dissolve as we meet the deep gaze of another's eyes, the vast ocean of teeming beings, the elements forged in star bodies, the energetic swirl of galaxies and aeons.

This human life is an earthy experience of personhood that gifts us with the ability to reflect on this blissful union. Our work is to melt into the free form of love-being by living as who we are. Manifesting authentically is an essential step in the process of cosmic evolution. Being true to who we are, honest with what we understand, vulnerable with where we are growing, and loving to all Life is to remember why we exist at all.

When I remember that All is One, I honor that nothing is lost. I trust I am never alone. I envision broad possibility. I walk gently. I move gracefully. I create passionately. I love wholly.