One Dark Morning

Greetings to the dark morning, a cave of quiet inside gentle raindrops' canopy. The dripping window panes are a looking glass, welcoming me to recognize my reflection in the wet, budding trees receiving the day and the deep clouds of refreshment at their upturned fingertips. The warmth of the armchair and comforter ask me to be soft; my baby's restlessness and his heavy breathing compel me to stillness.

Hunger and exhaustion, insistent guests in this body, are telling me with their urges that I am alive, I am awake. As my child cries out in his sleep and nestles closer to my chest, these rhythms - our parallel heartbeats, our complimentary breath, the rainfall of a beginning spring day - align me to awareness. For a time, I hold what is vulnerable and yearning in the world. My ears are tender to the cries, my heart to the heaviness, my body to the weariness.

I let the rain seep into the Soul of Life I carry and quench the parched thirst for rest and comfort. There is no insulation from the worries and woes but there is cleansing. I allow these burdens to feel malleable and mutable - they atomize and fall like drops to water seeds of attention in my being. I touch my child's hand though I cannot see, inhale, and sigh. I accept. I hold. I release.

The birds begin their singing.