Wedding anniversary gift to my husband - November 27th, 2012


Someday, long after you and I have died, our bodies will burst
into a supernova so vast it envelops everything
we have ever touched, and reaches beyond
the farthest ring of our solar system.

At times, when I look in your eyes, I feel the brilliant boom
of the beginning,
The Beginning, the wonder of all
that came before and after the first moment
of Time, the spontaneous
unfolding of Space, the Light
of new stars.

Maybe I feel this because you and I, our bodies, were once
in the same arm of a galaxy, extending outward, touching dark.
Perhaps we were nestled in an intimate part
of the dust whorl that condensed to become Earth.
We could have swam in the same primordial sea before the first creature
with eyes had Seen.

There is a chance we were bark of the same tree
                that a deer nibbled
                                that a long-ago hunter arrowed, who
                                                became the ancestor of all living people.

Is that why I feel I am in the perfect place
when I lay my head on your heart?
Is that why my hand fits yours
like, somehow, our molecules all fit
just the right way to give life?
Is that why I see you as the teaching
of all I have known in my short life,
the path I am to walk, the reminder of who
I am at the root?

Is that why, to you, I say yes