This Body

In which body do I know you?
Is it the body of a thousand
lifetimes, the way I know you in every
color and form,
all particles and waves of your presence,
each scent that drifts from a distant
past and future
that rushes in the now?

Is it the body of feeling
like I have sung your song in the depths
of each ocean of pain
and ecstasy,
have touched the vibrating cords
of your extended arms that embrace,
the radiant beams of your heart?

Is it the solid body of nails
in skin, of heavy breath and the weight
of frozen light around the sun
in the center of my body
where your solid body meets
the limits of its entrance?

Is it the body of euphoric darkness,
the one from where we come, to where we return
with a primal cry, a release
of bliss, an exhale, then

Our limbs are tangled like they are all of
one body.